Point Cartwright Lighthouse in the Pink

blogptcart In October, Point Cartwright Lighthouse will be illuminated by a pink glow to raise awareness of breast cancer for the eighth annual Global Illumination Initiative. The Lighthouse is located at the mouth of the Mooloolaba River in Queensland, Australia.

The modern Lighthouse is one of over a hundred famous buildings, landmarks, and monuments in over 40 nations to glow pink for Breast Cancer Month. After a special pink gel was painted over the lights, the pink Illumination ceremony of Point Cartwright Lighthouse was held on September 26, 2007.

The Global Illumination Initiative was launched by Evelyn Lauder in 2000 to raise public awareness about the most common form of cancer among women. Some of the glowing pink landmarks include the Prudential Tower in Boston (Virtual Tour Photography – 2005), the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Niagara Falls, the Sydney Opera House, and the Wollongong Head Lighthouse in Australia.

The current Lighthouse was built in 1978 to replace the second shorter Lighthouse which became hidden by a high-rise development! The modern 106-feet high reinforced concrete Tower surmounted with a precast concrete lantern room was constructed on Point Cartwright to guide ships approaching the NW channel to Moreton Bay from the North. Point Cartwright Lighthouse exhibits three white flashes every 15-seconds, with a red sector 174-feet above sea level to a visible range of 23 nautical miles.

blue_starMap Location:
For Map Directions, please visit Google Map of Point Cartwright Lighthouse

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Lighthouse to bask in a pink glow

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  1. Hi John,

    Your welcome. Thank you for sailing by the Lighthouses anytime you can. Like Motel 6, the Lighthouses will keep the Light on for you!

    Perhaps, Lighthouses were most likely the inspiration behind the Motel 6 ad?

  2. I read your blog and found it quite interesting not to mention amusing. Thanks for the break from life.

  3. Nice observation, thanks. I don’t visit your blog every day, but when I
    visit your blog I enjoy browsing through your old posts and try to catch up
    what I have missed since my last visit.

  4. Hi Simone,

    Thank you for sailing over the digital ocean!

    I would love to be able to “sea” your Lighthouse glowing in pink for a great cause from a cruise ship!

  5. What a great initiative! Good to see Australia getting on board.

    I have two favourite local lighthouses that probably don’t make it onto anyone’s radar (so to speak) but which are part of my childhood: the Rottnest Island lighthouse (I can see it from my childhood home) and the Cape Leeuwin lighthouse – the most southern building in Oz, at the point where two oceans meet.

  6. Hi DrowseyMonkey,

    A very cool idea! I was hoping to find a virtual tour of the Lighthouse glowing in pink like the link to the Prudential Tower in the post.

    A high rise hiding a Lighthouse is oddly humorous. This also occurred to Marblehead Lighthouse at Marblehead Neck in Massachusetts in 1880.
    During that time, Marblehead Neck became a popular summer resort due to the growing interest in yachting and its beautiful harbor. Marblehead Light was obscured by houses and the Light could not be distinguished from the home lights at sea. A modern 105-feet high cast-iron skeletal Tower and a black Lantern Room was built to solve the unusual problem!

  7. That’s a cool idea to help raise awareness.

    The idea that a lighthouse would be hidden because of a high rise is to funny! Well, funny in a weird way.

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