Gillette Stadium Lighthouse

bloggillette The 12-story high Lighthouse is a bright Beacon welcoming 68,756 New England Patriots Fans!
Since September 9, 2002, every New England Patriots home game has been sold out.

The 130-foot high Lighthouse replica is the signature architectural symbol of Gillette Stadium. Architect John Bolles designed the stadium’s main entrance to capture the maritime heritage of New England’s coastal communities. At field level, a coastal seawall was constructed using sculpted rock formations around the base of the Lighthouse.

The postmodern Lighthouse is a skeletal steel representation of the traditional lighthouses along the New England coastline. During the night games, the Lighthouse was planned to exhibit a vertical beam of Light 2-miles into the sky after each score. Currently, the functional Lighthouse casts a vertical Light beam throughout the night games.

A replica arched bridge was designed to resemble Boston’s famous Longfellow Bridge and traverses next to the Lighthouse over the main entrance to give fans a unique perspective of the game!

blue_starMap Location:
For directions to Gillette Stadium Lighthouse, please click on the Google Map of Gillette Stadium Lighthouse.

After the recent events, maybe the Gillette Stadium Lighthouse can shine brightly on the glowing record of the New England Patriots?

– The Homeland Defense is 45-9 since September 9, 2002
– The 2007 season is 16-0 (breaks ’72 Dolphins record), Go Pats!

Tom Brady is Arming to break Peyton Manning’s TD Pass Record of 49

01-0~ 03 TDs0 picks38-14 Jets
02-0~ 06 TDs1 pick38-14 Chargers
03-0~ 10 TDs1 pick38-07 Bills
04-0~ 13 TDs2 picks34-13 Bengals
05-0~ 16 TDs2 picks34-17 Browns
06-0~ 21 TDs2 picks48-27 Cowboys
07-0~ 27 TDs2 picks49-28 Dolphins
08-0~ 30 TDs2 picks52-07 Redskins
09-0~ 33 TDs4 picks24-20 Colts
10-0~ 38 TDs4 picks56-10 Bills
11-0~ 39 TDs4 picks31-28 Eagles
12-0~ 41 TDs5 picks27-24 Ravens
13-0~ 45 TDs5 picks34-13 Steelers
14-0~ 45 TDs6 picks20-10 Jets
15-0~ 48 TDs8 picks28-07 Dolphins
16-0~ 50 TDs8 picks38-35 Giants

Pursuit of Perfection, December 23, 2007
Patriots Records vs NFL Records, 2007
15-0~ 14-0 (1972 Dolphins)
551 points~ 556 points (1998 Vikings)
71 TDs~ Set NFL record (Dec 23, 2007)
48 TD Passes, Tom Brady~ Tied Dan Marino for 2nd All time
21 TD Rec, Randy Moss~ 2nd Player with 20+ Rec in a season

The New England Patriots completed a brilliant 16-0, record-setting regular season!
A total of 19th consecutive wins establishes a new NFL record for consecutive regular-season wins.

16-0 tops the 14-0 of the 1972 Dolphins,
23 TD receptions by Randy Moss tops the 1987 season record of 22 TD rec of Jerry Rice,
50 TD passes by Tom Brady tops Peyton Manning’s 49 TD passes set in 2004,
75 TDs sets a new NFL record,
589 points scored tops 556 points season scoring record of the 1998 Vikings.

2007 Season Playoffs

AFC Champions 18-0 Season ~ 21-0 Consecutive Wins

Record Breaking History One Game at a time!

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  1. New Englanders know how to catch the big fish!

  2. On opening night at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, the first time the Patriots scored a touchdown, they had all kinds of fireworks exploding out of this lighthouse behind one of the end zones. Guess what it looked like……needless to say, it was the LAST time too…lol…

  3. Hi Dallas Cowboys,

    In a rich man’s sport, the Patriots know how to lose the Big Ones…their pursuit of a perfect season ended in the one game that meant the most.

  4. The Cowboys need to ignore all the hype and just go out and play football.. one game at a time.

  5. As suspected, the clash of the NFL Titans was a close game.
    In their 10 games, Tom Brady has engineered 7 wins to Manning’s 3.

  6. All Aboard the New England Patriots train,
    now leaving the Dallas Cowboys with 6 straight wins!

  7. All teams were using Video cams to record their opponents, the Patriots were the only ones reported most likely due to the rivalry between former Patriot coach, Eric Mangini (currently, the Jets head coach) and Bill Belichick.

    Videogate was a violation of league rules, and the NFL Commissioner found no evidence of cheating.
    Looking forward to watching your Carolina Panthers play our Patriots!

  8. And The Pat know how too use a video cam too… Go Panthers

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