Sankaty Head Lighthouse Ready to Roll

(Photo credit: Rob Benchley/
The Nantucket Independent)

Rob Benchley is the official photographer for the move of the Blazing Star Lighthouse.
Rob has prepared a excellent online photo slideshow to chronicle this rare historic event!
Currently, Rob’s slideshow has documented the preparation work for the move and a daily update of the move will be posted at the Sconset Trust Home Page,

For example, the “Under the Lighthouse” Slideshow by photo-journalist Rob Benchley is incredible! Navigate through the screens to the September 20 date.

Sankaty Head Light was turned off today for the move scheduled to start on Monday, October 1, 2007. The Lighthouse has been excavated and lifted 3-feet above its foundation and is ready for relocation. A Hydraulic horizontal jacking system will push Sankaty Head Lighthouse 62-inches every 10 minutes! A previous post called “Lighthouse Locomotion” explored the events leading to final decision to relocate the Lighthouse 390-feet inland.

Links to the news coverage of the move by The Nantucket Independent will be posted here:
She Moves!, Oct 3, 2007
Moving a Monolith: Sankaty Lighthouse, Sep 28, 2007
Moving Sankaty, Sep 26, 2007
“Lift-off” for Sankaty, Sep 19, 2007
Sankaty sprouts lifting beams, Sep 12, 2007

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  1. Votre bienvenue, Wawaron!
    Les phares sont les belles gemmes créées par Augustin-Jean Fresnel!

    (Your welcome, Wawaron! Headlights Lenses are the beautiful gems created by Augustin-Jean Fresnel!)

  2. Your welcome, DrowseyMonkey! I deeply appreciate your comments!

  3. This is an excellent post,
    thanks for all the work you’re doing keeping us informed! Love your blog!

  4. Wow… I like this subject…

    Les phares… lighthouses :o)

    Grand merci Thank you.

  5. Thank you, Dan for your moving poetry about a lonely Lighthouse described by your lonely words!

  6. Can Words Be Lonely As A Place

    The revolving strobe of the lighthouse dances brightly against the rocky coast and out of the salty surf rises the rough rigid rocks from the beneath the waters of the bay a crusty crib cradles its only child with an island of silt and rock the oceans mightiest efforts continually challenge its engineering prowess pounding pounding

    its once stout walls crumble rust stained brown the crimson roofs faded pink a tattered shred of flag flaps above the peeling white paint rope-less clothes poles tilt worn and weak waiting and the light still revolves in the night and yet the darken door remains solidly closed forever . . . now I ask you can words be lonely as a place.

    Dan Hanosh
    Dreams Are Yours To Share

  7. Hi there!
    I loved your blog about LightHouses!
    Way to go!

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