Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, the jewel of North Carolina

posthatteras As a guest author for Paula the Surf Mom’s Outer Banks Surfing Blog, I wrote a two part post about Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, the jewel of North Carolina.

Part 1:
Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, the towering gem of our nation, has a fascinating story of engineering technology taken to new heights! Cape Hatteras Lighthouse is a good example of how the height of Lighthouses played a important role in how far the Light could be seen at sea. » Click here to read more

and Part 2:
The five-wick whale oil lamp consumed 6 gallons every night. Lighthouse Keepers carried about 45-pounds of whale oil up 268 spiral steps every night. To keep the Light rotating and shining bright, Wickies rewound the clockwork mechanism every 12 hours and polished the 1,000 prisms of the Fresnel lens every day for $800 per year. » Click here to read more

The jewel of North Carolina is perhaps the best place to view the ever-changing spectacular scenery of the Cape Hatteras shoreline! For those who love the surf or love to surf, please visit Paula’s OBX surf reports.

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