Whaleback Ledge Lighthouse Tour

blogwhaleback On Sep 18, 2007, the Coast Guard opened Whaleback Ledge Lighthouse for tours to the nonprofit organizations interested in acquiring the Light. The tours are a part of the application process provided by the General Services Administration, the real estate agent for the Lighthouse. The National Parks Service will review the applications and decide who will own Whaleback Ledge Lighthouse based on their financial, management, and preservation plans.

After the inspection, Casey Jordan, president of Beacon Preservation in Ansonia, Connecticut, noted the Lighthouse was like “the Rock of Gibraltar; it’s in such good shape.” Hampton, NH-based Lifewise Community Projects and the American Lighthouse Foundation in Rockland, Maine also inspected the Lighthouse on Thursday.

The following link provides information about the Lighthouse to prospective owners: Notice of Availability
The pdf document has some interesting photos of the interior of the Lighthouse and the boat dock access to the Lighthouse.

From the news article or absent from the news article, there was no mention of a PETA Lighthouse Cafe which is a good sign that only interested nonprofit groups will preserve, maintain, and provide Coast Guard access to Light to keep the Beacon functional!

Based on the feedback comments from Timothy Harrison and Jeremy D’Entremont in the previous post, Lighthouse Support, the future of Whaleback Ledge Lighthouse is looking bright!

For more information about Whaleback Ledge Lighthouse, please click on the photo of this post.

blue_starMap Location:
For Map Directions, please visit the Google Map of Whaleback Ledge Lighthouse

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  1. Saving Whaleback Ledge Lighthouse looks promising!
    My family has always enjoyed sailing by the distinctive stone Lighthouse!

  2. I grew up with a view of this lighthouse
    – it’s an old friend – happy to see this post!

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