Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, Guest Post

posthatteras I was recently honored by Paula the Surf Mom who asked me to be a guest author on her Outer Banks Surfing Blog!

The post is called “Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, the jewel of North Carolina.”


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About Debbie Dolphin

Lighthouse author and photographer living in New England

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  1. The stories are incredibly well written and set a gold standard for what could be a narrative sermon. ,

  2. Who else is involved in the response? ,

  3. Certainly "injuries" stemming from statutes may eventually be corrected by voting the Beltway Bastards out either individually or en masse – but that is not the sort of thing we have here, but an issue of a violation of Constitutional law which is vastly more difficult to alter. ,

  4. old news…

    … Cape Hatteras Lighthouse relocation project the summer of 2000. Since the 208-foot brick masonry lighthouse was built in 1870, the shoreline has eroded from 1600 feet away to within 120 feet of the historic structure. … monumental planning and engineering was required to move this massive structure inland

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  6. Hi Debbie!
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  7. Thanks for the post Debbie, it was a wonderful article…
    looking foward to part two

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