Lighthouse Boasting?

blognauset For years, Door County, Wisconsin has boasted it has more lighthouses than any other county in the nation. According to Brian Kelsey, executive director of the Door County Maritime Museum, Suffolk County of New York has the most regional Lighthouses with 15 of its 26 lighthouses still standing.

Yet, Robert G. Miller, author of Long Island Lighthouses, claims Suffolk County has 16 of its 20 lighthouses still standing!

Do visitors really care about which county has the most Lighthouses? Perhaps, the best tip is to provide visitors with a Lighthouse travel brochure describing what each region has to offer:

blogmontauk The most Seacoast Lighthouses are located in Barnstable County of Cape Cod, Massachusetts with 15 Lighthouses,

the most Island Lighthouses are located in Suffolk County, New York with 16 standing Lighthouses,

and the most Great Lakes Lighthouses are located in Door County, Wisconsin with 10 Lighthouses.

Plus, a link to regional Lighthouse Maps would be helpful for visitors planning their Lighthouse Trips!

Cape Cod Lighthouse Map,
Suffolk County Lighthouse Map Link may be dead? (was working earlier today),
and the Door County Lighthouse Map (map shows only 9 Lighthouses – no links to directions for each lighthouse).

blogcana All three regions offer travelers the opportunity to view or visit many Lighthouses during a day or a two day trip! Soon, Autumn will produce vivid colorful backgrounds for the Lighthouses located in all three regions!

Thanks to Terry Pepper, directions to Door County Lighthouses can be found using these links:
Baileys Harbor Range Lights,
Old Baileys Harbor (Bird Cage) Lighthouse (not shown on the map link above)
Cana Island Lighthouse,
Chambers Island Lighthouse,
Eagle Bluff Lighthouse,
Pilot Island Lighthouse,
Plum Island Range Lights,
Potawatomi Lighthouse,
Sherwood Point Lighthouse,
Sturgeon Bay Canal Lighthouse plus
Sturgeon Bay Pierhead Lighthouse.

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  1. There is a really beautiful light just across the lake
    at Grand Haven in Mich… I went there once really a nice town.

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