Lighthouse Laughter

blogkeeper The Frogster was surfing the digital waterways of the internet and sailed by New England Lighthouses looking for a job as a Lighthouse Keeper. Sorry I said, the only official Lighthouse Keeper in New England has a job at Boston Harbor Lighthouse.

The Frogster left his resume for consideration as a Lighthouse Keeper in the future. You may read about his Lighthouse Laughter here!

If anyone is interested in relocating to Texas, Port Isabel Lighthouse has a job opening for a Lighthouse Keeper with a starting salary of $6.50 per hour.

Interesting side note: the Port Isabel Lighthouse Keeper’s annual salary of $13,520 is better than the annual minimum wage of $10,712. For comparison, the average rate of pay for Lighthouse Keepers was $600 per year which was about $230 less than the average wage of other American workers in 1867. A Lighthouse Keeper earned 27.7% less pay for long hours and hard work in 1867 whereas a current Port Isabel Lighthouse Keeper will earn 25% less pay* for shorter hours and easier work. Perhaps, the City of Port Isabel used a historical government formula to create their starting salary?

*based on the average annual salary of $24,960, a $600 Keeper salary in 1867 would be the equivalent to $18,043 in 2007. A Port Isabel Lighthouse Keeper will earn $4,523 or 25% less salary per year.

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About Debbie Dolphin

Lighthouse author and photographer living in New England

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  1. very interested in such positions!

  2. If your job for a lighthouse caretaker truely exists, please contact me@ 832 277 2698. My wife and I are very intrested in such a position. Thank you

  3. Thanks for mentioning me, Debbie. I love the cartoon! And thanks for the great tip! I’ll send you a postcard from Texas!

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