Fourteen Foot Bank Lighthouse Buyer Revealed

blogfourteen In strange Lighthouse news, the buyer of Fourteen Foot Bank Lighthouse has never visited the Lighthouse and had no idea his future summer Getaway was eleven miles offshore! The federal description of the location of the Lighthouse was listed incorrectly as 3-miles offshore from Bowers Beach.

Michael L. Gabriel, a Californian lawyer, bought the Lighthouse online with the winning bid of $200,000 using his cryptic bidding ID, “latea” created by reversing the initials of Attorney Et Al. The 53-year-old attorney was revealed yesterday as the winning bidder of the federal government’s online auction for the Lighthouse.

Gabriel claims he can readily fix the running water and sewer service problems with a desalinization system that can deliver 100 gallons of water every day and a marine sanitation system to treat his waste. Correcting those problems could be out of the pocket expenses for him yet, he has other major problems besides renovating the lighthouse to living conditions.

Due to the possible fire hazards from using the diesel generator, Gabriel hopes to restore electrical service which could be a major issue. Electricity generated by wind power or underwater cable requires state permits or federal approval if a wind generator is attached to the Lighthouse.

Gabriel claims his other significant burden will be improving his Summer Retreat to comply with the federal Americans With Disabilities Act. He plans to install a boat-lift for raising visitors safely to the deck which requires federal approval in order to preserve the original appearance of the Lighthouse.

A previous post, Lighthouse Bidding Battle, explored the 10 top reasons why bidding on this Lighthouse was strange. The online auction was opened on July 16, 2007 and was extended several times past the original deadline of Aug 17, 2007 in a last minute heated bizarre bidding battle. Michael Gabriel’s winning bid was posted on Aug 31, 2007 and his $200,000 bid is $75,000 over the cost to build the Lighthouse in 1886 which could be considered the Real Estate deal of the century if the neglected Lighthouse had no repair problems!

Gary Mote, a GSA spokesman, stated that Gabriel’s Bid has been accepted and the property should be transferred in 60 days, closing perhaps, one of the most bizarre bidding battles for a Lighthouse! Last year, Michael Gabriel bought Bloody Point Lighthouse located in the Chesapeake Bay offshore from southern end of Kent Island, Maryland. Gabriel paid $100,000 for the fire-gutted Lighthouse on Dec 7, 2006 and has been restoring the structure as his other Summer Getaway.

Mike Mahaffie has posted his musing (amusing?) post about making friends with the wealthy Legal Eagle.

Fourteen Foot Bank Lighthouse is best viewed and accessed by boat.

blue_starMap Location:
For Map Directions, please visit the Google Map of Fourteen Foot Bank Lighthouse.

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  1. Hi Harry Rebbert,

    Thank you for sharing some of the inconveniences of living in a offshore Lighthouse. If given the opportunity, would you live in a offshore Lighthouse again?

  2. I was stationed on Fourteen Foot Bank Light in 1970 and 1971. The toilet used baywater for flushing and in the winter the water hose would freeze. So we would pull the hose out of the water when we were done. I still have pictures I took in 1970.

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