Boon Island Lighthouse Charity Swim

blogboon On Aug 25, 2007, Jeffrey Patten completed a 7-mile “Light 2 Light” swim from Boon Island Lighthouse to Nubble Lighthouse located offshore from Cape Neddick, Maine in six hours and 38 minutes. Jeff’s swim raised over $15,000 for York Hospital’s “Caring For All” charity program to help the uninsured and underinsured people living in the York community.

For Jeffrey Patten who has also run marathons, the grueling swim began as he entered the frigid Atlantic Ocean at Boon Island Lighthouse. Due to strong currents and 5-foot swells, Jeff needed to swim backwards at times during the course extending the distance from 7-miles to about 12-miles. Jeff collapsed after completing the swim from exhaustion and the early stages of hypothermia.

Jeff also endured the harsh sea and sickness during the swim to show his perseverance, his passion for the Hospital’s charity program, and to raise awareness about health care options for uninsured people. In comparison with his past 7-mile charity swims, Jeff’s best time was three hours and 57 minutes in 1998 when the ocean temperature was warmer with calmer sea conditions according to York Hospital.

AMSA Volunteers at York Lighthouse has a photo of three volunteers posing in front of the Nubble Lighthouse.

Boon Island Lighthouse is closed to the public and is best viewed by boat or a Lighthouse Cruise.

blue_starMap Location:
For the Map Location of Boon Island Light, please visit the Google Map of Boon Island Lighthouse.

Nubble Lighthouse is closed to the public and is best viewed from Sohier Park, by boat, or a Lighthouse Cruise.
For the Map Directions to Nubble Light, Please visit the Google Map of Nubble Lighthouse.

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