Old Saybrook Lighthouse Privacy

blogsaybrook The possible ownership of Old Saybrook Outer Lighthouse is a growing concern for the Board of Selectman. Besides ensuring public safety on the half-mile long Breakwater, the other major issue is providing public access for visitors and Lighthouse maintenance workers.

By land, the entrance to the Breakwater leading to the Outer Lighthouse is closed by the private residents living in the exclusive borough of Fenwick. Public travel and parking on the road is prohibited to protect the quiet residential community according to Charles Chadwick, the borough warden.

By water, public docking at the Lighthouse requires a captain able to navigate the swift currents while avoiding the heavy vessel traffic entering the Breakwater Harbor channel and the nearby shoals.

Initially, First Selectman Michael Pace contacted the federal government to say they were interested in owning the Outer Lighthouse, the symbol of Old Saybrook, after learning about the availability of the Lighthouse might be issued sometime this October for the 2008 federal fiscal year.

Ironically, the Board of Selectman has directed Mr. Pace to determine if the federal government is willing to keep ownership of the working Lighthouse. Town officials are very concerned about the two Lighthouses, Lynde Point Light (locally known as the Inner Light) and the Outer Light, being maintained to mark the harbor channel at the mouth of the Connecticut River. Despite GPS navigation, both Lighthouses continue to be important navigational aids for local mariners and pleasure boaters.

If the federal government issues a notice of availability to dispose of Old Saybrook Outer Lighthouse than hopefully, a peaceful compromise between private and public interests can be achieved in the spirit of Katharine Hepburn who left 4 acres of beachfront property in Fenwick as protected undeveloped land with a view of the Outer Light for public enjoyment!

In the meantime, both contrasting Old Saybrook Inner and Outer Lights can be viewed from a Lighthouse Cruise.

blue_starMap Location:
For Map Directions, please visit the Google Map of Saybrook Breakwater Light

Google Map of Lynde Point Light

For more information about the Lighthouse, please visit the previous post Saybrook Breakwater Lighthouse.

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