Fourteen Foot Bank Lighthouse Bidding Battle

blogfourteen A Bizarre Bidding Battle for Fourteen Foot Bank Lighthouse, located in the Delaware Bay, has surprisingly extended the federal government’s online auction. On this past Friday, private bids poured in postponing the close of the auction until Monday at 2:00 pm. If the unusual bidding continues than the auction could be extended further.

On Aug 20, Bidder “Zaboomba” posted a high bid of $120,000 for the 3-story cast-iron Victorian Revival Lighthouse which cost $125,000 to build in 1886. To follow the bidding which has been extended to August 21 at 2:00 pm, please visit the online auction web-page.

Bidding on this Lighthouse is bizarre for the following reasons:
10. The private owner has to maintain and preserve the property in accordance with federal standards.
9. The cost to restore and maintain abandoned offshore Lighthouses is expensive.
8. The Lighthouse most likely has toxic asbestos insulation and lead paint.
7. As an Active aid to Navigation, the private owner has to allow Coast Guard access to maintain and operate the Light.
6. The Lighthouse has No electrical service from the mainland.
5. The Lighthouse is not easy to dock at and mounting the caisson ladders is difficult.
4. Building a dock requires a State permit since the State owns the underwater land beneath the Lighthouse.
3. Sea birds roost at the Lighthouse.
2. The Lighthouse has No running water.

and, the number one reason why owning this Lighthouse is bizarre:
1. Using the privy (old fashioned toilet bench) is illegal since your “output” flows directly into the bay.

Only one reasonable question comes to mind:
Why would anyone want to own a impractical expensive offshore Lighthouse?

For more information about Fourteen Foot Bank Lighthouse, please visit the previous post, Lighthouse Auction Online, July 19, 2007

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  1. Hi Baltimore Harbor Light,

    The Lighthouse Bidding Battle Post was humorous satire based a flood of bids at the auction deadline. There was minor or no bidding interest in the Lighthouse until the closing of the online auction! No one seemed interested in the expensive offshore Lighthouse until the last minute and my post explained the 10 humorous possible reasons why.

    This post was not about seeing only the challenges and I have no doubt that any owner who can afford restoring any structure does so for a richly rewarding experience!

  2. Baltimore Harbor Light

    “Only one reasonable question comes to mind:
    Why would anyone want to own a impractical expensive offshore Lighthouse?”

    It’s hard to explain to those who only see the challenges. But, really it’s no more challenging than restoring any other historic building, it’s just different.
    Trust me it’s well worth it.

  3. Looks like a flown blown Bidding Battle is keeping this bizarre auction alive!

    The Latest Bid of $150,000 extends the hopes of desperate bidders one more day to Aug 24, 2007.

  4. And so it continues! Extended another day, top bid is now $135,000.
    You’re right about it obviously being a desirable property. 😀

  5. Hi Sue,
    The close of the auction has been extended another day to Wednesday Aug 22 after someone bid $125,000. Looks like a few people desperately want to own this Lighthouse!

  6. Hi Debbie. I just checked and it’s now up to $130,000!
    I agree with you, in fact I posted the story yesterday. It’s not exactly conducive to a bed and breakfast, is it? I just hope whoever ultimately buys it preserves it. I’m reminded what happened at Squirrel Point Lighthouse in Maine, where the private owner who bought it (under the guise of being non-profit) couldn’t maintain it and attempted to sell the lighthouse. It went to the courts, who ultimately ruled it would return to the government.

  7. I have never seen a blog on lighthouses.
    How new and different! Awesome!

    Thank you for stopping by mine.


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