Boston Harbor Lighthouse Cruise

blogboston21 Approaching Boston Harbor Lighthouse with a scenic ocean view of Old “Bean Town” aboard a Lighthouse Cruise last summer sponsored by the Friends of Plum Island Light, Inc.
One of our best Lighthouse Cruises with cool ocean breezes as we viewed 12 historic and active Coast Guard Lighthouses from Plum Island to Boston Harbor.

For many years, many of our forefathers first saw the oldest working Lighthouse in America as their Light of Liberty when entering the Hub of the New World. Boston was the Cradle of American Liberty, the Gateway(1) to our nation and the leading seaport in America. Boston Harbor Lighthouse is the oldest Lighthouse in America and holds the record of being the longest operating Lighthouse(2) in the United States safeguarding shipping entering the harbor for 283 years and 7 months.

To view a 10 x 7 inch photo of Boston Harbor Light and the Hub of New England, please click on the photo of this post. Note the solar curtain was drawn to protect the Second-order Fresnel lens from the ultraviolet rays of the sun whenever the revolving Light has been suspended for maintenance or repairs. Some old Wickies (Light-keepers) also believed a unprotected Stationary Fresnel lens might magnify the sun’s rays and start fires.

For more information about Lighthouse cruises and tours, please visit Boston Harbor Lighthouse Guide

blue_starMap Location:
For Map Directions, please visit the Google Map of Boston Harbor Light.

(1) After Ellis Island opened in 1892, New York City became the leading Gateway to America and the Statue of Liberty became the renowned Beacon of Freedom. “Liberty Enlightening the World” was an active Lighthouse for 15 years and 3 months.

(2) whereas, Sandy Hook Light has the record of being the longest continuous standing Light Tower in the United States for 243 years.

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