PETA trolling for another Lighthouse

Cleveland East Ledge Lighthouse In the pursuit of reeling in a offshore Lighthouse, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) submitted a letter of interest on August 6 to acquire Cleveland East Ledge Lighthouse for the National Headquarters of their Fish Empathy Project. PETA is casting a 198-mile long net trawling for four offshore Lighthouses from New York Harbor to Buzzards Bay hoping the public will take the bait of their Vegan campaign.

Previous posts (referenced at the end of this post) have examined their irrational claims that fish feel pain. Visiting any offshore Lighthouse to view a fish memorial to the millions of fish killed every year, eat fake fish sticks, and vegan “seafood” at their Lighthouse cafe would place the public at risk.

Maybe, questioning their agenda will cast a different Light on the extremism of PETA’s program: Is Vegetarian seafood the same as raw seaweed? Apparently not, since vegan “seafood” (Vegetarian seafood) is fish-free soybean and vegetables shaped to look like fish. The faux fish sticks are most likely bland Tofu “Fish” Sticks. Is their unsavory cuisine healthier than fish?

And, the final mystery is what does the senseless PETA’s Vegan campaign to end fish abuse and to stop eating nutritional tasty fish have to with preserving and maintaining the historical value of the Lighthouses constructed to safely guide fishing fleets and commercial shipping to homeports? PETA’s Lighthouse fish memorial and cafe does not comply with with the guidelines of the National Historic Lighthouse Preservation Act of 2000. Ironically, this fact has not prevented PETA from submitting a letter of interest for federal Lighthouses in order to broadcast sensational News headlines.

Recently, the influential radical extremist Animal Rights group attempted to bait the Town of Fairfield, Connecticut by withdrawing its interest in Penfield Reef Lighthouse if the Town promised that no fish will be harmed at the Lighthouse. PETA’s offer was most likely orchestrated for media attention and donations to fund their “Vegan” ideology. Kenneth Flatto, First Selectman of Fairfield, will not respond to PETA’s offer since applying for federal Lighthouses is not a negotiation between eligible organizations.

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For Lighthouse Cruises, historic, and travel information about Cleveland East Ledge Lighthouse located in Buzzards Bay, please click on the photo of this post.

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