Haunted Lighthouse Lodging?

blogbigbay The Lighthouse retreat at Big Bay Point Light Station is reputedly haunted by the blue-uniformed red-haired ghost of its first Light-keeper, William Prior who became despondent after his son died from gangrene and he hung himself in 1901. InnKeepers Jeff and Linda Gamble claim the ghosts are banging doors after guests are in bed and the lights are turned off in vacant rooms. According to the guests, Prior has been sighted walking the grounds of the Light station. Yet, the paranormal phenomenon ended after InnKeeper Linda Gamble angrily told him to leave. Will Prior and five resident ghosts left and have not been seen since.

Another alleged haunting inspired the book and 1959 movie, Anatomy of a Murder, based on the murder of the Lumberjack Tavern owner by an Army officer in 1951 who lived in the Assistant Keeper’s house at Big Bay Point Lighthouse when the Lighthouse was used to train an anti-aircraft battalion.

Big Bay Point Lighthouse was First Lit on Oct 20, 1896 exhibiting a Flashing White Light every 20-seconds illuminated by a Third-order Fresnel Lens and 3-wick burner 105-feet above lake level. The Light was deactivated from 1961 to 1990. Currently, Big Bay Point Light is an Active Aid to navigation with U.S. Coast Guard Access to the Light that exhibits a Flashing White Light every 6-seconds to range of 11 nautical miles. For more history, please visit Seeing the Light – Big Bay Point Lighthouse .

Since 1986, Big Bay Point Light Station has been a secluded romantic Bed & Breakfast with 18 rooms, fireplaces, and a sauna in the two-story brick Keeper’s house. Guests also enjoy viewing the Lake from the top of Light tower 105-feet above Lake Superior, a half-mile of shoreline, and Spa services. Perhaps, you might see the Keepers ghost still “hanging around” the lighthouse or his reflection in the mirror?

For more information about overnight accommodations, please visit Big Bay Point Lighthouse Bed and Breakfast.

blue_starMap Location:
For Map Directions, please visit the Google Map of Big Bay Point Light

For information about other Lighthouse Lodging available in the United States, please visit American Lighthouse Bed and Breakfast Inns.

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