Pigeon Point Lighthouse

Phenomenal photograph captured by (New Zealand) Dave on Nov 18, 2006 during the 134th anniversary celebration of Pigeon Point Light after the Fresnel lens was re-lighted radiating a beam of light 148-feet above sea level. The original photo is suitable as Desktop Wallpaper to a 3611 x 2320 screen resolution.

Pigeon Point Lighthouse was First Lit on November 15, 1872 exhibiting a Flashing White Light every 10-seconds illuminated by a 8,000-pound First-order Fresnel lens with 1,008 hand polished prisms and a Lard oil Lamp producing a powerful 500,000 candlepower beam of light 148-feet above sea level to a range of 24 nautical miles visible at sea.

In 1972, a modern 24-inch aero-beacon was installed on the balcony outside the Lantern Room and the original First-order Fresnel lens was fortunately retired and covered to protect the prisms from sunlight damage. The California State Parks with U.S. Coast Guard assistance relight the original first order Fresnel lens for two hours to celebrate the anniversary of Pigeon Point Light Station mid November every year from 6 to 8 pm.

Since 1980, the four Keeper’s ranch houses have served as a Hostel providing travellers with affordable accommodations. The 115-feet high Pigeon Point Light and Hostel is located 50 miles south of San Francisco and 27 miles north of Santa Cruz. For more information, please visit Pigeon Point Lighthouse Hostel

Since December 2001, the Lighthouse Tower has been closed after a section of the cornice fell and a subsequent investigation revealed major structural damages estimated at $5 million need to be repaired before reopening the Lighthouse for tours.

On May 25, 2005, Pigeon Point Light Station was transferred to the California State Parks. For more information, please visit Pigeon Point Light Station Historic Park

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For Map Directions, please visit Google Map of Pigeon Point Light

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