Haunted Lighthouse for a dollar?

blogpenfield Penfield Reef Lighthouse is a two-story granite house with a 35-feet high Light tower extending above the roof built at the end of a submerged ledge in Long Island Sound located 1.1 miles offshore from Fairfield Beach, Connecticut near the entrance to Black Rock Harbor. The U.S. Coast Guard declared the alleged haunted Lighthouse excess property and the U.S. General Services Administration is seeking a buyer from a local or state government agency or a nonprofit organization by July 18, 2007. The Town of Fairfield has expressed interest and expects to receive an application according to Jennifer Carpenter.

According to local folklore, ghostly apparitions and erratic flashing of the Light have occurred at the Lighthouse after lighthouse keeper Frederick Jordan drowned when his boat capsized near the Lighthouse in 1916. According to the Lighthouse legend, many Light-keepers and people have reported seeing the ghost of Jordan but the strangest tale was the two boys who reported being rescued by a man that looked like Jordan after their boat capsized near the lighthouse in 1942.

The Lighthouse was built in 1874 on the mile long Penfield Reef which is dangerous to navigation in Long Island Sound especially during foggy weather and snow storms. Today, Penfield Reef Light has spectacular panoramic views of Long Island Sound and may be favorable to anyone able to cope with the possible hauntings.

blue_starMap Location:
Google Map of Penfield Reef Lighthouse

Penfield Reef Light is closed to the public and is best viewed by boat yet can be seen in the distance from the grounds of a nearby Lighthouse first built in 1808 on Fayerweather Island to mark the entrance to Black Rock Harbor, a sheltered deep port quintessential to the expanding trading and shipping center. Fayerweather Island Lighthouse is one of a few Connecticut Lighthouses accessible by car. The Lighthouse grounds are open to the public by walking across a Breakwater from the parking area at the end of Barnum Boulevard in Seaside Park.

blue_starMap Location:
Google Map of Fayerweather Island Lighthouse

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