Camping at a Lighthouse

blogtwins For adventurous Campers, Thacher Island Lighthouse best known as Cape Ann’s Eyes offers a rare opportunity to camp offshore under the protection of the Twin Lighthouses. For reservations to Carroll’s Campground or more information, visit the Thacher Island Association website.

On Dec 21, 1771, the Twin Lights of Thacher Island were first lit as the first station to mark a navigational menace instead of a harbor entrance. The Light Station was important to American coastal trade, transatlantic mariners, and the international trade that entered Massachusetts Bay during the nineteenth century.

The current 124-feet high granite Twin Lighthouses were erected from 1860 to 1861 with 148-steps to the Lantern Room and another 8-steps to the Fresnel lens.

Thacher Island Association was formed in 1981 to restore and preserve the Light Station. An aluminum launch, a mini landing craft was constructed for access to the Island. The abandoned North Light Tower was relit as a private aid to navigation in 1988. A new boat ramp reopened Thacher Island in 2000.

In the summer of 2002, the two story brick duplex Assistant Keeper’s house was restored and the Town of Rockport began renting the guest apartment. The North Tower was repaired by the International Chimney Corporation in 2006. Restoration of the principal Keeper’s house is scheduled to be completed in 2007. The Association has plans to fully restore the South Light Tower estimated at $250,000 next summer. The Manton Foundation has awarded a $125,000 grant to the Association for the project.

The North Light Tower, owned by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, is open to visitors. The South Light Tower, owned by the Town of Rockport since 2002, is closed to the public. For more information about visiting the island, click the link: Visiting Thacher Island

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For high-quality photos and desktop Wallpaper, full history, travel directions, and Lighthouse Cruise information, please visit the Cape Ann Lighthouse Wallpaper Guide.

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