Sandy Neck Lighthouse

blogsandy On June 18, 2007, the Headless Lighthouse at Sandy Neck, Barnstable Harbor has a new cast iron Lantern Room. The reconstructed Lantern Room restores Sandy Neck Lighthouse to appear as a Lighthouse after being decommissioned in 1931 and beheaded in 1932 by the Coast Guard.

The Sandy Neck Lighthouse Restoration Committee now hopes to relight the beacon by the end of the summer to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the 1857 Sandy Neck Lighthouse after the Lantern Room Glass and solar-powered flashing light has been installed.

blue_starLighthouse Background:
For more details about the Lighthouse, please visit the Sandy Neck Lighthouse Guide.

blue_starMap Location:
For Map Directions, please visit the Google Map of Sandy Neck Light

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  1. Hi Tanya,

    At the moment, there are no Lighthouses available for sale in Massachusetts. The government may sell Cleveland Ledge Lighthouse in a online auction next year if no Non-profit organizations are interested in the Lighthouse. For more information, please visit the Free Presidential Lighthouse? post.

    Lighthouse Keepers jobs are rare. The civilian Head Lighthouse Keeper at Boston Harbor Lighthouse is the only official government job. On the other hand, Lighthouse Caretakers jobs may be available next year. Lighthouse Keeper Interns will be available at Thacher Island next summer for Cape Ann’s Eyes (aka the Twin Lighthouses of Thacher Island located off Rockport, Massachusetts.

    For more information, please visit the Cape Ann Light Station Light-Keepers Wanted post.

    I hope this helps your Lighthouse quest?

  2. Interested in purchasing or keeping lighthouse in Mass.

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